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  • Last up to 3+ weeks! // up to 8 weeks!

  • Easy to use & beginner friendly

  • One time purchase, life long free manis  

  • Everything you need to DIY gel manicures at home

  • $2 per mani vs. $80 at salon. Make money back in 2 uses!

  • 30 Day money-back guarantee

Build Your Gel System

Real Results From The System

Real Results From The System

"I wanted to start doing gel nails at home so I could save money, but I had no clue where to start. But this  system is so easy to use and the step by step tutorials are super helpful. I've now saved so much money by doing nails at home!  "

- Diana P. 

"As a single mom, finding time for self-care can be tough. But this gel system has made it easier for me to look and feel my best. I can do my nails while the kids are asleep, and the results are amazing. I appreciate how beginner-friendly this gel system is, even for a newbie like me. I've gotten so many compliments on my nails!"

- Olivia W.

"This gel extension system is a total time-saver. I love extensions but it normally takes me forever to buff everything. BUT this system has made it so easy! The tips all pre-buffed and pre-etched!! And the extensions stays on for weeks! Best part, I can do my nails whenever I want, and they always look great." 

- Joy C.

"I decided to stop going to nail salons after the pandemic, but I didn't want to give up my gel manicures. I bought Bubble over a year ago I and haven't been to a nail salon since. I've saved so much money and time at this point that I can't imagine ever going back to the salon! 

- Chloe S.

6 Reasons Why People

Love Bubble!

Incredibly Long-Lasting

Enjoy flawless extensions for up to 8 weeks with Bubble's long-lasting polish and extensions.


Save $$$ and Time

$2 per mani vs. $80 at the salon. Skip the salon and save hundreds every year!


One-Time Purchase

 A one-time purchase gets you lifelong free manis! Make your money back in two uses!

Beginner Friendly

Designed with beginners in mind, we made the steps more effortless than ever by including pre-buffed nail tips and an innovative Peely Base. 


30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you don't 100% love our system, we'll refund your purchase, no questions asked!

Mani Anytime & Anywhere

Cute, compact, and travel ready designs! Unlock manicures no matter where you are.


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Shop Mani Systems

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