How to Apply Gel Polish Like a Pro!

How to Apply Gel Polish Like a Pro!

Learn How to Do Your Nails with Gel Polish Like a Pro


  1. Shape, file, and clean your nails
  2. Push back and prepare your cuticles
  3. If you plan to change nails frequently apply Bubble Peely Gel 
  4. Apply a thin layer of Base Gel, seal off and cure
  5. Apply gel polish of choice, seal off and cure. Repeat to get the desired color. 
  6. Apply non wipe top gel to finish

Full Instructions

  1. File nails to the desired shape, or you can use Bubble’s Effortless Nail Extensions after step 6 instead (we promise you’ll love them 😉 )
  2. Push cuticles back and cut away any excess dry skin
  3. Lightly buff nail surface, and be sure to wipe away dust (keep those nails clean, girl!)
  4. Use an alcohol pad or apply Bubble Prep to remove excess oil to ensure your nails stay nice and snug
  5. If you are creatively inclined and plan to change your nails frequently, apply a thin layer of Bubble’s Peely Gel at the center of your nail bed for easy and painless nail removals. Being an artist shouldn’t be painful, you know?
  6. When using Bubble Peely Gel, do not apply to the edge of your nails, and do not seal off the nail tips. This will ensure easy removal while helping your nails last for at least 1-2 weeks. And as a bonus, you can keep and reuse your nail designs, so unleash your inner Frida Kahlo!
  7. Apply a thin layer of Bubble Base Gel 1mm away from your cuticles. Do your best not to apply any gel polish over your cuticles or skin, as this will cause the gel polish to peel easily.
  8. Seal off the front of the nail tip to ensure even longer wear—clean around the edges.
  9. Cure under a UV/LED lamp for at least 60 seconds. Your nails may feel a bit sticky, but no worries, this is normal!
  10. Apply the first layer of cream-gel polish of choice 1mm away from the cuticles. Seal off and cure.
  11. Repeat if deeper color is desired.
  12. Apply non wipe Top Gel 1mm away from cuticles, seal off and cure.

Done! Now enjoy your beautiful nails, brought to you by Bubble 😉

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